Community leaders support Mike.

“Mike Schreiner has proven as Leader of the Ontario Greens and as MPP for Guelph that he is committed to fight for a better future through green values, and that is why he has my support this election.”

– David Suzuki

Scientist, broadcaster, author, activist, and Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

“We are living through extremely difficult times. Many of us have become cynical and untrusting of political leadership both at home and abroad. In Guelph, however, we do have the option of following an ethical, skilled, knowledgeable and humble leader. One of the rare gems in leadership in Guelph and Ontario, is Mike Schreiner. We are blessed to have him as our MPP and as leader of the Provincial Green Party. If we could elevate people like Mike into positions of power in the halls of Queens Park, we would see dramatic change in our government’s policies with a focus on what the people of Ontario need: a healthy and green province and planet first and foremost; a well-functioning education system; a healthcare system that provides timely care to everyone, and a social support system that does not leave anyone behind. This is the kind of leadership we need. Thank you for making this excellent leader our MPP in the last election. He did not let us down. Let’s endorse him again.”

– Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik

Founder of ARCH Clinic Guelph and Waterloo, Founder of Bracelet of Hope

“On behalf of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 18, we are pleased to inform you that our District Executive Council has passed a motion endorsing your re-election for MPP in the riding of Guelph in the upcoming 2022 Ontario General Election. Having had multiple members of our organization meet with you over your first term as MPP for the riding of Guelph we know that you are a strong advocate and ally in the fight for a better and properly funded public education system in Ontario. Your dedication and commitment to supporting all education workers in Ontario public schools is apparent every time over the past four years that you have reached out to us to listen, learn and discuss concerns regarding the current state of education in Ontario. We applaud the respect and consideration that you have shown us, the Education Workers, who are the ones witnessing the current state of our schools first hand. We look forward to supporting your campaign and to having you continue to serve as a strong advocate for public education at Queen’s Park for the next four years.”

– OSSTF District 18

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

“Mike Schreiner has shown an ability and willingness to work across partisan lines with elected officials at the municipal and federal level, for the benefit of the citizens of Guelph. Further, as the provincial leader of the Green Party he has provided a powerful voice to advocate for all of the people of Ontario. His reasoned, well-thought out, compassionate responses to the events happening in our province have held the government accountable while providing concrete proposals for how to improve the quality of life for Ontarians. He has my full support and endorsement in the upcoming election.”

– Eric Walters

Author, Order of Canada Recipient, 2020 Governor-General Winner for The King of Jam Sandwiches, and 100 other literary awards.

“Mike is one of those visionary leaders who has the ability to see where we could be if we truly worked for the good of everyone. And despite how far we are from that vision he is able to inspire people, a community, a province that a just, sustainable, livable future is within our grasp. This is the type of leadership that every community not only needs but deserves. This is why I voted for and will be voting for Mike to represent Guelph in the Ontario legislature.”

– Jaya James

“In this June’s Ontario Provincial election, I’ll be voting to re-elect Mike Schreiner, our own Guelph Greens’ MPP, because I am impressed with his track record of serving our community and our province during his past four years as an MPP at Queen’s Park and his 13 years as president of the Ontario Green Party. In addition to his unwavering commitment to the environment, he is also a strong advocate for affordable housing, mental health, supporting small businesses and preserving Guelph’s local food and water. He understands communities and is a strong community builder not only in Guelph but also for other communities across the province. He passed Ontario’s first-ever green law, which protects electric vehicle drivers while introducing other bills to conserve drinking water and get big money out of politics. Refreshingly, Mike does not get caught up in toxic partnerships and has shown that he can build relationships across the aisle to get things done for the people of Ontario. All of this makes Mike an essential voice at Queens Park. That’s why I’m voting for Mike. I hope you will too.”

– Karen Farbridge

President & Urban connector, Karen Farbridge & Associates

“Mike Schreiner gets things done in our community! His tireless dedication to improving the quality of life for the residents of Guelph and the Province of Ontario is inspirational. I know that with the leader of the Green Party of Ontario representing the citizens of Guelph our community voice is heard and it makes a difference at Queens Park. This year vote for what you WANT in this election. Vote for integrity, vote for common sense, vote for Mike!”

– Mike Salisbury

Guelph City Councillor, Ward 4

“Mike Schreiner is an incredibly gifted politician. I’ve worked with him on health issues for several years and he never ceases to impress me with his wide perspectives and detailed knowledge of challenges facing our community. He is compassionate, committed and consistent in fulfilling all his promises. Mike has been an outstanding MPP for Guelph and I’m proud to support him again this election.”

– Dr. Ian Digby

“As our MPP, Mike Schreiner has been an advocate for youth mental health and a strong presence as we walked and continued to walk this journey.”

– Cyndy Moffat Forsyth

Executive Director, The Grove, Youth Wellness Hubs

“I am voting for the Green Party in June’s Ontario provincial election because of its new extensive mental health services platform and because I know that Party Leader and MPP for Guelph, Mike Shreiner, will deliver what he promises. Mike and the Party have created Ontario’s first-ever standalone mental health platform based on the belief that mental health IS health and should be a priority. Mental health care cannot be a privilege for the few I appreciate a politician who puts the health of people and this planet front and centre. That’s why I’m voting for Mike Shreiner on June 2. I hope you will too.”

– Eleni Bakopoulos

Guelph Artist and Owner, Grit Gallery

“I’ll be voting for Mike Schreiner and the Ontario Greens in the Provincial election on June 2nd because I support its small business platform. Most of all, I admire how Party Leader and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner personally helped Guelph’s many small business owners navigate the complexities of government funding during the four provincial lockdowns. Mike also called for the Ontario government to join the federal government in expanding support for workers and businesses. Small businesses like restaurants have big numbers when it comes to employees. In Ontario, 1 in 5 employees are under age 25 and work in restaurants. A former small business owner himself, Mike knows what it takes to keep a small company going, how to hold on to precious personnel and, most importantly, how to build customer confidence so they will keep coming back to you. Also, like many small companies and organizations, it sometimes helps to merge with others so Mike never hesitates to work across the aisle to bring solutions to the citizens of Ontario I invite you to join me in voting for Mike and the Green Party of Ontario. I know you won’t be disappointed.”

– Court Desautels

CEO, Neighbourhood Group of Companies

“Why did I vote Green in the last provincial election? I pondered this question as I sat in the shade by the river Speed on a sizzling summer day. I reflected as I cross country skied in the fresh snow last Christmas. I wondered as I drank a cool glass of fresh Guelph artesian water or taking a full breath of the fresh Guelph air. The wonder I experienced as I looked at the natural world around me and heard the trees whisper, the birds sing, the crickets chirp made me think — what matters? What really matters? Is it the better way to harness energy and lessen waste? Is there a political movement that considers that for now this planet is our home and accepts our responsibility to care for it? Who cares about developing the quickest pathway to justice? For it is true that we are all one: we can celebrate our differences through cultural expression, yet we must never forget our similarities with all living things. We are beings of nature. We are, to quote a cliche, stardust. Nature can be cruel, violent, rough, but in the end, nature is all we have. What political party took these ideas seriously? Stood up for all and was caring, insightful and faced the big questions head on and sought solutions to problems? That is why I voted Green.”

– Jay Wilson

“With a newly developed world view, I changed from being a longstanding Liberal Party supporter to voting Green for the first time in the last Provincial election. In 2020, my daughter gave me Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything” and for me it did. The social isolation resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, afforded me the time to expand my knowledge on climate change and social justice issues and to investigate further how each of the provincial parties are dealing with these issues. I now know that we need a government that will whole heartedly support a green and just recovery. I am more than ever convinced that once we all become informed and engaged, more people will vote Green. Change can only come when the collective voice is big enough to tip the scale. For me, the Green Party is the vehicle for change. It is by far the only Party that has the vision and values that align with mine. This is the party that will build a fair and just society and it is the party that has the courage and vision needed to address the existential crisis of climate change.”

– Lynne McCurdy